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We are delighted to introduce Domenico Stile, the youngest chef with a Michelin Star in Rome!

Star Michelin Chef has a genuine and authentic mediterranean twist based on a strong knowledge of the tradition and a continuous desire of innovation!

His print is in a permanent search of the highest quality using traditional and local products, following the cycle of the seasons,by adding new flavours to his creations.

Since February 2016, Domenico Stile (for the Private dinners) is the top chef at Villa Laetitia, a very special and refined location, built in 1911 in the Liberty style!

For about a decade, the Michelin star chefs have been the epitome of world-class food delicacies. The restaurants equipped with Michelin star chefs are known for their highly desirable and sophisticated meals. That must be the reason why the Michelin star rating has been used to rate the best global restaurants for a very long time.

Every year, a big fraction of international tourists consists of people spending a great deal of time visiting Michelin star establishments. Because nothing compares to the mouth-watering delicacies served by the star chefs. Of all the countries in the world, Italy, the state of Roman marvels, has been a center to savoring food culture for centuries. It has had some of the highest-rated Michelin star restaurants ever since. And all thanks to no one but the star Michelin Chefs of the country.

Blending the traditional knowledge of the Italian local food culture with their innovative ideas, these Italian Michelin star chefs never fail to amaze us with new savoring dishes. Are you touring Rome with a wish list that includes enjoying private dinners with a star Michelin chef?

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