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A curated service providing an incredible and exclusive journey, based on a quintessentially Italian approach to Life!

We Offer:

Exclusive private dinners
Meet with an artist
Meet with a Fashion designer
Cooking class
Bespoke Jewelry
Wine tasting
Access to exclusive private locations
Olive Oil tasting

Experience the Likeness of Exclusive Italian Lifestyle

The travelers are so very much in love with the Italian culture. Those visiting (or have already visited) Italy have a special place for the authentic Italian lifestyle and culture in the corner of their hearts. Ever wondered about the reason why this authentic Italian lifestyle and culture has been exported around the world ever since? The answer lies in the rich history, art, cuisine, and culture of the Roman Empire that has been fascinating to the people globally. Everyone desires to know the secrets that make the Italian lifestyle so perfect and happening. Lest mention their desire to live and enjoy the exclusive Italian lifestyle for once, at least. Considering every second person dreams of taking a trip to this Mediterranean country, it is no surprise that experiencing a bit of authentic Italian lifestyle rules everyone’s wish list. And that’s what we work for. Exclusive Lifestyle offers a bunch of curated services dedicated to providing a quintessentially memorable journey to Italy. Our team is known to facilitate you in enjoying the incredible and exclusive Italian Lifestyle while on tour to Italy. Here’s a gist of what we do to make your time in the Marvels of Italy a lifetime experience.

Exclusive Lifestyle: One-Stop Destination to Make Your Tour-to-Italy Memorable

There’s this thing about the Mediterranean state of Italy. It goes, ‘Italians have a way to live life like no other. They know how to spend an extraordinary hour with no extraordinary things.’ To non-Italians, a cup of coffee is usually just a daily dose of caffeine, right? But to a true Italian, it is a time worth self-pampering. He’d sit down by the aisle, on the porch, or at a restaurant and enjoy the view available at the shot of espresso. That’s how different the authentic Italian lifestyle is, in comparison to the world. While the world sits down to have a meal at the end of the day all alone, the Italians make it a point that meals synonymize well-spent family time. Here at Exclusive Lifestyle, we execute the idea of letting you experience the perfect Italian lifestyle. Via a combination of enticingly unusual places, unique people (the Italians), and memorable moments, we provide the following services:

  • Exclusive private dinners
  • Italy private tours
  • Olive oil tasting sessions
  • Wine tasting at best wineries
  • Cooking class experience
  • And Aperitif
  • You can also choose to Meet with an artist or an Italian fashion designer (because Italy is the face of world-class fashion).
  • stay connected