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One of the finest delicacies in Italy, often overlooked, is the olive oil, specifically the Extra vergin olive oil, the purest and most delicious form of oil available,capable of turning any food into something complete new.

There are hundreds of different oil varieties and Exclusive Lifestyle collaborates with one of Italy's most expert Oil Connoisseurs.

We have organised for our clients a one of the kind experience where you would be able to taste olive oil & a large variety of products, selected by our experts, to grasp the fragrances and flavors of what we call the italian “green gold”!

Best Olive Oil Tasting

While devouring on the mouth-watering Italian cuisines, did you ever wonder about what could probably be the secret behind its flavoursomeness?

It’s the Italian extra virgin olive oil!

Often overlooked, the extra virgin olive oil, also known as the Italian green gold is one of the finest Italian delicacy. A spoonful of olive oil is capable enough to transform an ordinary dish into something lots more luscious. People from the faraway lands often visit Italy to not just explore its must-visit tourist attractions and savour the Italian Cuisine but also, collaborate with renowned oil connoisseurs. They desire to explore and participate in the olive oil tasting experiences.

Best Olive Oil Tasting Tours!

As a prominent proponent of the rich Italian tradition and culture, Exclusive Lifestyle aims to enhance your experience in the country. If you are a gourmet or a traveller excited to grasp the unique flavour and fragrance of the variety of olive oil and other products from Italy, Exclusive Lifestyle is exactly the place you need to be at. We create experiences dedicated to tasting olive oil.

In the sessions organized to taste and grasp the flavours of Olive oil, we present nothing but the products selected by our experts. A tasting experience might sound like an activity to your sense of taste. But unlike what it sounds, it is an activity that requires all the 5 senses. You will look into the texture, appearance, taste, main flavor and other characteristics of the variety of olive oils.

In short, this unique experience of tasting olive oil is can be a chance to devour yourself into the exceptional Italian delicacy.

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1. What is olive oil used for?

Olive oil has its origin in the Mediterranean states of Italy, Spain, Turkey, and others. For ages, mankind has used olive oil for a variety of purposes including cooking, cosmetics, and medication. In several cultures across the globe, olive oil also finds its application in religious ceremonies. People use it to light traditional lamps too.

2. What are the health benefits of olive oil?

It is a no-secret that olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils we know of. Both cooking experts and nutritionists suggest it to be a versatile choice to be used for cooking and eating. Olive oil offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Healthy monounsaturated fats increase good cholesterol
  • Dense nutrition reduces the vulnerability to chronic diseases
  • Potential relief in inflammation
  • Prevent strokes
  • Anti-cancerous properties

    3. How do you know if your olive oil is really olive oil and not a substitute? Is there a test?

    The best way to know if your olive oil is real or fake is Olive oil tasting. The fake olive oils are usually flavourless and greasy. They do not smell pleasant either. While on the other hand, real olive oil smells pleasantly earthy, grassy, and peppery. An olive oil tasting session shall help you to know the right tricks and tips to distinguish between real and fake olive oil.

    4. How to Host an Olive Oil Tasting?

    Olive oil tasting is more than just sniffing and slurping a variety of high-quality olive oils. And there are a few basics everyone must include in their olive oil tasting to ensure it feels more than just an activity. Be mindful to grab the following items to host a successful olive oil tasting:

  • 4-6 types of high-quality olive oils
  • Tasting cups
  • Palate cleansers
  • Spit cups
  • Olive oil tasting sheets

    5. What is extra virgin olive oil?

    Virgin olive oil has always found prominence in the wish lists. But nothing compares to the dominance of flavour extra virgin olive oil delivers. The extra virgin olive oil is the purest olive oil available.The oil has been cold-pressed from the fruit and has not been exposed to chemical or heat treatment .It belongs to the highest grade of oil that is more flavourful and darker in colour.

    6. How much olive oil should I consume daily?

    Consuming olive oil is associated with a healthy lifestyle. It improves cardiovascular health besides several other health benefits. One can use olive oil to make up for about 12-14% of the total calories consumed in a day. It means you can consume 2 tablespoons or 28grams of olive oil daily.

    7. In Italy Where can I find the Best Olive Oil?

    In Italy, the best olive oils are sourced from organic and locally produced olives. And they are usually made in small quantities. Chances are less of you finding the best olive oils in the supermarkets or convenience stores. Tuscany is one of the leading producer of olive oil in Italy. Consider visiting an olive farm to find the best olive oil.

    8. Will olive oil expire? How to store it?

    The olive oils usually last 18-24 months before they expire. This expiry duration starts from the date the oil is bottled or packed. The extra virgin olive oil tends to last a bit less long than the virgin or regular olive oil. The extra virgin variety of olive oil usually lasts for about 12-18 months.
    You can refrigerate your batch of olive oil to extend its shelf life. Consider bringing the oil to room temperature before using.

    9. Is it advisable to drink olive oil every day?

    Olive oil is a bit more than edible fat. It is the hub of nutrients that do more than keeping you healthy. Drinking olive oil on a daily basis can improve your cardiovascular health, digestion, and bones. It also facilitates in stabilising the blood sugar levels.

    10. Is it true that spreading the hair roots with olive oil helps fight dry skin ?

    Olive oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. These characteristics have a tranquillising effect on our scalp. Spreading the hair roots with olive oil moisturises and nourishes our dried scalp. A good scalp massage with olive oil alleviates itchiness, dryness, and dandruff. Also, it unclogs the clogged follicles and facilitates healthy hair growth.

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