Olive Oil tasting

One of the finest delicacies in Italy, often overlooked, is the olive oil, specifically the Extra vergin olive oil, the purest and most delicious form of oil available,capable of turning any food into something complete new.

There are hundreds of different oil varieties and Exclusive Lifestyle collaborates with one of Italy's most expert Oil Connoisseurs.

We have organised for our clients a one of the kind experience where you would be able to taste olive oil & a large variety of products, selected by our experts, to grasp the fragrances and flavors of what we call the italian “green gold”!

Best Olive Oil Tasting

While devouring on the mouth-watering Italian cuisines, did you ever wonder about what could probably be the secret behind its flavoursomeness?

It’s the Italian extra virgin olive oil!

Often overlooked, the extra virgin olive oil, also known as the Italian green gold is one of the finest Italian delicacy. A spoonful of olive oil is capable enough to transform an ordinary dish into something lots more luscious. People from the faraway lands often visit Italy to not just explore its must-visit tourist attractions and savour the Italian Cuisine but also, collaborate with renowned oil connoisseurs. They desire to explore and participate in the olive oil tasting experiences.

Best Olive Oil Tasting Tours!

As a prominent proponent of the rich Italian tradition and culture, Exclusive Lifestyle aims to enhance your experience in the country. If you are a gourmet or a traveller excited to grasp the unique flavour and fragrance of the variety of olive oil and other products from Italy, Exclusive Lifestyle is exactly the place you need to be at. We create experiences dedicated to tasting olive oil.

In the sessions organized to taste and grasp the flavours of Olive oil, we present nothing but the products selected by our experts. A tasting experience might sound like an activity to your sense of taste. But unlike what it sounds, it is an activity that requires all the 5 senses. You will look into the texture, appearance, taste, main flavor and other characteristics of the variety of olive oils.

In short, this unique experience of tasting olive oil is can be a chance to devour yourself into the exceptional Italian delicacy.

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