Pietro Simonelli

Pietro Simonelli (Italian Artist) has a wide experience as a sculptor based on a strong handcraft imprint, and creates in his workshop located in the heart of Rome. His art reveals a mystic vision of nature integrating myths and a certain suggestion of the Mediterranean! If you wish to meet and greet with the Italian artist, please book an appointment and we will take care of everything for you!

Celebrate Art with Meet and Greet with an Italian Artist

The world acknowledges Italy to be the global forefront of art and artists ever since. If you’re into arts and artists, you too must believe the same. When asked to think of a country that synonymizes art and artists the best, the majority shall think of nothing but Italy. Trust us, nobody compares to the talent and artistic vision of an Italian artist. And when we say Italian art and artists, we mean a lot more than a pair of canvas, paints, and brushes. Italian art includes everything from painting to sculpture-making, dramas to operas, dance, fashion, architecture, and more. Mind us if we surprise you but, a big fraction of tourists visiting Italy come intending to meet and greet with an Italian artist. As an art newbie, you might want nothing more than to meet a reputed Italian artist. On the contrary, for someone who values art and holds an artistic vision, traveling is all about meeting talents that speak louder than words. And the Mediterranean land Italy happens to be the paradise of exceptionally invaluable art.

Was Italy Always the Hub Nesting World-Class Artists?

The Rome that you see today excels in artistic and intellectual developments. But it wasn’t the same in the days of antiquity. Until the early sixteenth century, nobody anticipated Italy to be the hub nesting world-class artists. It all started with the idea of the Grand Tour. In the late-sixteenth century, it became a trend for aristocratic people to go on global tours. They would take leisure in traveling European countries including France, Venice, Florence, and Italy. The wealthy families would explore the art and culture of Italy and the countries nearby to culminate their classic education. This tour was called the Grand Tour. The grand tour exploring arts of the European countries besides the expansion of the Roman Empire was the key behind the global popularity of Italian art. It was how the antique art cultures from Rome traveled all the way to the western countries.

Grab The Best Insight on Italian Art with Exclusive Lifestyle

An opportunity beyond the skip-the-line itinerary! That’s not all that we offer. As the proponent of Italian culture and itinerary, we are proud to share our Meet and Greet with an Italian artist program. Exclusive Lifestyle helps you make the most of your time in Rome by planning the best private tour. Here, you get a chance to meet Italian artists while enjoying a fair share of their exquisite art. So, if you wish to meet and greet with an Italian artist, let us be your pal in need. With us at your resort, bid farewell to the long queues outside the art museums. Book an appointment and explore the best artworks of renowned artists from Italy. Also, get a chance to meet and greet them personally.

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