Exploring the Best Hidden Places in Rome Made Easy

Secret Italy: 5 hidden gems to discover in 2021-22!

A significant number of tourists have the European land of Italy and its cities on top of their travel destinations. Being the hub of the most beautiful cities that Italy is, it is no wonder why people visit the state to enjoy plenty of highlights. However, there’s this verity moving around that if you visit Italy and explore only must-see places, you might be missing a lot. When you are off to Rome, you must know about Italy's secret places. These not-so-popular and known-only-by-townies places are just worth getting off the obvious beaten track of your itinerary. Here’s a compilation of 5 hidden gems to discover in 2021-22 in Rome, Italy.

  • Napoleon and Rome

  • You might think it to be about discovering some historic events, right? But as a hidden gem of Rome, Italy. 'Napoleon and Rome' is also about a building: Villa Medici is one of those lesser- known yet equally interesting places to discover in Rome. The Villa is a historical palace, built in the sixteenth century and once owed by the Duke Ferdinando de Medici.
    In1803 Napoleon Bonaparte moved the French Academy in Rome to the Villa Medici which has played a decisive role ever since on the Roman and European cultural scenes.
    The Villa and the gardens were renovated then in order to house the winners of the Prix de Rome.
    Unbeknownst to the tourists, the villa holds exhibitions and performances. One can enjoy the leisure of a guided tour to the 18-acres of the garden too.

  • The Vatican After-Hours
  • The thumb rule of visiting tourist attractions is to visit them in broad daylight, right? They say it’s the best time to enjoy sightseeing. But you might want to twist this rule of traveling when you reach Vatican City. Who doesn’t know about the marvellous beauty of Vatican City?
    We bet you do.
    It is famous for its museums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, and other tourist attractions besides being the smallest country in the world. But you might not know about the breathtaking view of Vatican After-Hours. It is one of Italy's secret places. And you wouldn’t want to trade sitting under the dusky sky enjoying the spectacular view of after-hours while savouring the Italian delicacies for the world.

  • Undiscovered Arts
  • Rome is famous for a lot of things. One of them is the unrivalled art pieces. You would. know of Apollo and Daphne, Trevi Fountain, Trajan's Column, and more. But you may not know about the undiscovered art pieces scattered in the neighbourhoods of Rome.
    Get off the thoroughfare and you could spend your time exploring the street art, a must-see hidden gem of Rome, Italy.

  • The Spada Chapel
  • Rome has some of the most beautiful churches scattered all over the city, one of them is La chiesa San Girolamo della Carità and its stunning Spada Chapel!
    The Chapel is made of incredible marbles and is an unusual example of the Roman Baroque! The Spada Chapel is one of those hidden places only Rome can offer !

  • Antique Roman Aqueducts
  • The best perk of taking those not-so-interesting history classes is that you know how things worked in the ancient days. But chances are less that you’d come to see them first-hand.
    In Rome, a lot of attractions are famous. A big lot of these worth-watching sights are hidden in the eyes of the tourists. One such is the antique Roman aqueducts. The Roman Empire used to resort to these ducts for bringing water into the populated areas of the state. It included the cities and towns.
    The high-ranking rulers of Rome often ordered to build aqueducts to facilitate water supply to public places, private households, farms, and mills