Wine tasting & cooking class experience

Wine Tasting with Cooking Class in an Exclusive Winery on Exclusive Lifestyle

Italy has always been known for its diversified food culture. The recipes that once surged from the remote regions of Italy have now become world-famous cuisine. Even after ages, the world never seems to get enough of the mouth-watering delicacies from Italy. But that’s not the only thing Italy is known for. Situated along the Mediterranean coastline, Italy is equally popular for its itinerary. It is the hub of enticing sights as well as devouring antique wines
Thanks to the countless volcanic eruptions over the ages, the Italian soil is perfect for viticulture. It can easily be seen in the delicious wines from the country. The world never seems to cease appreciating Italian wines for their rich and unique taste. While in Italy, even the idea of wine tasting entices the tourists. When possible, seize this chance of wine tasting in the exclusive wineries few miles from Rome with Exclusive Lifestyle.

Wine Tasting: A Must-Perform Activity in Italy

Unless you are a resident, Italy is not a place you will keep detouring over and over. So, when in town, make the most out of your opportunity. Discover the crisp flavors of various Italian wines. Trough Exclusive LifeStyle's wine tasting

The proposal sounds appealing, right?
What is Italy most famous for?
The food, wine, and beautiful sights!
While you are going for a wine tasting event, how about we modify the wine tasting activity into something more exciting? How about we combine the wine tasting with a hands-on cooking class in an exclusive winery just for you?
Now, this sounds like a perfect plan!
As you make a tour to the exclusive wineries and lose yourself in the savoring flavors of the best Italian wines, participate in the cooking class that teaches how to work on the local cuisines. As you learn to cook the Italian dishes with subtle local flavors, pair them with the best wines in the winery and enjoy your meal in the end.

Wine Tasting with Cooking Class on Exclusive Lifestyle

As mentioned above, the Exclusive Lifestyle can pair the wine tasting with a cooking class in an exclusive winery, at your convenience. Here’s what we include in the program:

  • Guided Tour of an Exclusive Winery
  • Obviously the Wine Tasting
  • Cooking Class
  • Meal Paired with Best Wines and Menu that You Prepare in the class
  • Secrets that make Italian Cuisines More Appetizing
  • Why Choose the Exclusive Lifestyle?

    When you visit a country as beautiful as Italy, you would not want to be enjoying anything below best. And that’s the reason why you must choose the Exclusive Lifestyle to enjoy the Italian lifestyle, culture, and food. We are a team that works to give you the best experience in the country.

    In the wine tasting programs that we organize at exclusive wineries of the Roman Marvels, you shall have a lifetime experience combined with the best local food prepared by none but you.

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